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Remote Island River Fishing

This full-day fishing excursion is designed those looking for a remote Alaskan adventure. We will boat from Gustavus to a river on a nearby island where we’ll be dropped off for the day. The island has more brown bears per square mile than almost anywhere else on the planet. On the ride to/from the river it is common to view sea otters, sea lions, and even whales.

We’ll be fishing a wild “last frontier” type area with no signs of civilization to be found. As we fish and hike along the river, you will be humbled by the mountains that rise up to form the river valley. The area is so remote that we almost never see any other anglers on this river. Brown bears, however, are plentiful and we will be keeping an eye out for them throughout the day.

Depending on the time of year, we’ll fish for Salmon and/or Trout. Both fly rods and spinning rods will be available, as well as lessons for those new to fishing. Packrafts for floating down the river at the end of the day can be brought along for an additional fee. Trip duration is around 8 hours. 


Insider Info: Upon arriving at the river, most guests say that they don’t even need to catch fish because the pristine surroundings are worth the trip alone. When the day is over, they have a tired arm from catching so many fish and a heart filled with awe about the unique place they were able to explore.

Price: $450 – $500 / person

Duration: 8 hours

Dates: May – October
Fishing license and guide gratuity not included.

River Fishing + Kayaking

On this trip we’ll use kayaks to reach fishing spots in Gustavus that are not accessible by foot. When we arrive at each fishing spot, we will exit the kayaks and fish from shore. We’ll start upriver and float downstream, ending where the river meets the ocean. As we travel the river we will have the chance to see bald eagles, bears, and moose. Depending on the time of year, we’ll have the opportunity to catch Dolly Varden, Cut Throat Trout, Pink Salmon, and Silver Salmon. Both fly fishing rods and spinning rods will be available. Fly fishing lessons are also included. The duration of this private trip is 4 hours (half day) or 6 hours (full day).

*Weight limit: 235 pounds

May – June: Half Day Only

1-2 guests: $450 Total
Each additional guest: $150

July – October: Half or Full Day

1-2 guests: $600 Total (Half Day) / $800 Total (Full Day)
Each additional guest: $150

Fishing license & guide gratuity not included.

Sea Kayaking to Island

Join us for a relaxing paddle from Gustavus, Alaska to a nearby uninhabited island. It is common to spot bald eagles, sea otters, sea lions, porpoises, and even whales as we paddle through the waters of Icy Strait. In addition to kayaking along the shores of this island, you will also have the chance to explore remote beaches and their unique tide pools which contain creatures such as starfish and sea anemones. As we enjoy hot drinks on the beach, we will watch for bears, moose, and wolves roaming the coastline and sea creatures swimming along the kelp-rich shoreline. Before heading back we’ll do a short hike through the island’s old growth forest. This unique kayaking tour allows you to see a part of Alaska that very few visitors have ever stepped foot on. Normally it takes 1 hour to paddle to the island, we spend 2 hours there, and then we take 1 hour to paddle back to Gustavus.


*Weight limit: 235 pounds

1-2 guests: $500 Total
Each additional: $150
Duration: 4 hours
Dates: May – October

Bear Watching River Trip: Hike In, Float Out

Chichagof Island has among the highest brown bear population densities in the world. We’ll travel about 45 minutes by boat to reach the island, searching for sea otters, sea lions, and whales along the way.


Once we arrive, the boat will drop us off and we’ll begin hiking up the river and looking for bears. You will be humbled by the mountains that rise to form the river valley, and enjoy the solitude of this wild place.

After a 2-3 mile hike up the river, we will enjoy hot drinks along the riverbank. Then we’ll inflate our packrafts (small 6-pound inflatable boats that fit in a backpack) and float down the river until we meet the ocean. Can you imagine the thrill of floating past a brown bear feeding on salmon? After we reach the mouth of the river, we’ll end the day with a boat ride back to Gustavus.

*Weight limit: 235 pounds

Price: $400 – $450 /person
Duration: 6 hours
Dates: May – October

Paddle Birding Wildlife Float

Floating down a river is one of the best ways to spot wildlife in Gustavus, Alaska. You may see large schools of salmon swimming below you, a range of birds including bald eagles, mergansers, sandpipers, and even larger wildlife such as bears and moose as we navigate this beautiful Gustavus river. Using your choice of kayaks or packrafts, we will start upstream where the river is narrower and enjoy a relaxing float to the mouth where the river meets the ocean. Halfway through the trip we will stop and enjoy hot drinks along the riverbank. Ask about paddling out of the river and into the ocean to end the trip with some sea kayaking!

*Weight limit: 235 pounds

1-2 guests: $300 Total
Each additional: $100
Duration: 2 hours
Dates: May – June 30